Gina Beavers of the Valley Advocate reviewed my March 2018 show “Connecting Moments” that featured my acrylic Collages, watercolors, and “What a Gay Day” coat racks. She wrote,

“it’s Anderson’s watercolors that steal the show. Watercolor is a difficult medium to master, and although Anderson is self-taught, she is clearly a natural capable of creating depth and shade.”

Our Queer Art asked me questions about my art and my identity in June 2016. Here is our first question and answer:

What is your name?
My name is Lauren Anderson. My art social media name is Whims & Whimsy.

There’s a whole side story about marrying a dude, changing my name because that’s the only option I knew of, finally coming to terms with the name right before coming out, processing another name change while the ex-H came to terms with divorce, and finally moving my married name to a middle name. All of which is to say, I started setting up my web presence with the professional name Lauren Kientz Anderson, but I’m slowly removing the Kientz as I’ve come to realize I am informed by my past, but needn’t be controlled by it.

Continue reading to learn more about my background and what I am striving to create.

Driftward Press interviewed me when they featured “Whispered Shout” in May 2015.


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