About the artist

Me and my wife Heidi

You may contact me with any questions or to purchase original artworks at whimsandwhimsy@gmail.com. To get regular updates on my new art pieces, please add your email address to my list.

I am traveler in space and time. I’ve lived in Colorado, Arizona, Michigan, Kentucky, Iowa and now Northampton, Massachusetts.

My work is instinctual and intentional. In my PEMA collages, I start with a collage of random shiny and/or textured materials. I am always picking things up from the ground or saving bits back from the trash that I think might make interesting shapes in the collages. I then paint over that with a dark wash of black and purple or metallic colors. After it has dried, I stand back and let shapes wash over me. I turn it upside down and sideways until an image emerges. I then paint around that form and pull it out with thin washes, adding in details as necessary. I try to let the original collage peak through. The final painting is a part of my psyche at the time I found the image in the dark washed collage.

I began making collages in 2009 after feeling the images and feelings weigh on me. I tried to reproduce images with bits of found objects. One such image was a weary black father holding his son across his lap as they rode home on an LA bus. In 2011, I took my first art class through the University of Kentucky Fine Arts Institute, a Non-credit Community Education Course, where I learned the PEMA technique described above. Since then, I have taken 3 other community art classes in Kentucky and at ArtHaus in Decorah, IA. Otherwise, I am self-taught


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