Berlin Dancers, 2013

Lauren Anderson
Acrylic Painting
45 x 37 inches

$395 for original

This painting is based off of the LGBT Ballroom dance I attended in Berlin in summer 2013. I was so captivated by the range of gender expressions and the way couples came together to dance. Ballroom dance can be exceptionally dichotomous in the gender roles—the leader makes all decisions for the couple, but the flashy moves are done by the follower. What are the possible transformations when a couple is just as perfect in formalized moves, with a strict frame, but with a variety of gender presentations—including butch, gender queer, femme, traditionally masculine and feminine, and those in casual shorts and t-shirts. Ballroom dancing is also a form of public sex—the point is supposed to be publically acceptable touching and flirting. At this event, people danced together because they were great dancers, not because they were necessarily interested in each other sexually. Or in my case, a kind man and a kind woman asked me to dance, even though I couldn’t relax into following. So I stood on the edge and took terribly out of focus phone pictures that became this painting.


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