Whispered Shout, 2011

You can purchase prints of this image at my RedBubble page. The original has been sold.

This painting was featured in Driftward Press‘s May 2015 issue. Here are some selections from their interview with me about the piece:

DP: The print that subscribers will get in the mail this month looks, at first glance, like a sweet painting of a girl – and it is – but there is more underneath that image… What is it?

Lauren: There are all kinds of secrets in a PEMA© collage painting. Look for a large Ginkgo Biloba leaf. I lived on a street in Kentucky that was lined by Ginkgo trees. There is also an ad for a film, pieces from a New Years Eve headband, bits of fabric, and many other items. Here is a photo of the collage that is underneath the image.  When you are holding the print in your hand, look at these photos and try to find the final image yourself!

DP: When subscribers get their print in the mail, they should look above the girl’s right shoulder. Upon close inspection, what should they see and what is it saying?

Lauren Look for the outline of a face. Is it shouting or whispering to the girl? Or maybe both? It seems like while we grow up, we have so many people telling us what to do, to be a “good girl” or a “good boy,” and how to live in the world without hurting others. Our struggle as adults is to sort through all that advice and figure out what works for us and what doesn’t. We have to learn how to listen to ourselves, (or “How can I be who I am?” which is a quote by June Jordan I came across today). I ask all of you who received this print to consider—is that whispered shout coming from the girl herself or someone outside of her? What do you think it is telling her, as she blithely moves along?


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